STEVEN SPIELBERG  Director, Producer

There's a 12" action figure from Japan of
George Lucas out there.  Famous Type
Hollywood Director made by Hot Toys (see
photos, right).

Didn't seem right that George should have
one and Steven Spielberg not, so here it is:  
my custom headsculpt Steven Spielberg.
ABOVE:  If you've got a hundred bucks  
laying around, you can usually find one of
these unlicensed George Lucas action
figures at collectibles shops or on eBay.
This figure came together pretty quickly as none of his clothes
had to be custom made.  They're all found items off other

Other found items include the baseball cap
(off a 21st C K-9 cop figure, with the
"K-9" shaved off), his boots,
and even the slate.
I did however have to make a few custom items, the biggest
one being of course the chair.  I have one of the these
folding chairs at home, so it wasn't hard taking a few
measurements and constructing one in sixth scale from

The eyeglasses were also carved from a piece of clear
plastic, and bent at the corners.  (I keep a lot of old blister
packs around for just such an occasion!)

The scratch-built megaphone was made out of a plastic horn
that was supposed to be mounted to a kid's tricycle or something.  
That's a BIC pen cap in the middle cone.  The handle and trigger
are styrene.
They say Michael Jordan started the trend of baggy
shorts in the NBA (and with the exception of John Stockton,
nearly everyone in the NBA wears oversized shorts).

In much the same way, I would give credit to Steven Spielberg for making the baseball cap a signature item
for film directors, especially when they're shooting out on location somewhere.
This is the latest of the figures and likenesses, and I think,
if you look at my work in order, you'll see the improvements
in likeness and techniques.

You'll notice his features are more smoothed and polished
looking (compared with Jackie Chan, for example).  Also, the
general proportions are more accurate.

Having only started sculpting these a few months ago, I'm still at that early stage
in this hobby where improvements in skill and technique are quite noticeable.  
That's the good thing about being so early on this learning curve.