Last updated:  5/7/09
I've gotten quite a few requests and inquiries regarding what kinds of stuff I'd take in trade.  I've put dollar "offers"
next to each item.  These don't reflect market value or retail prices but what the item is worth to me.  If it looks like
I've seriously "undervalued" an item, don't be offended, I'm not trying to short-change ya, it's probably just
something that I only "kinda-sorta" want.  Besides, I'm always willing to take open/loose stuff, which is usually
much less than the MIB/NRFB stuff.  

Oh, by the way, I place no premium whatsoever on mint boxes since I'm gonna tear that sucker open and play with
it, so you might as well trade me loose, opened (but mint condition) items and save the Mint-In-Mint-Sealed-Box
stuff for eBay or something.  

If you need to ask me anything, just email me:

D C c u s t o m f i g u r e s @ g m a i l . c o m
NOTE:  Items in WHITE are things I need multiples of, items in YELLOW I only need one of.

HOT TOYS:  Marlon Brando as Jor-El from Superman ($100)
HOT TOYS:  Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather ($100)
HOT TOYS:  Heath Ledger as Police version Joker from Dark Knight ($100)
HOT TOYS:  Arnold Schwarzenenegger as Dutch from Predator ($100)
HOT TOYS:  (Sonny Landham) Billy from Predator ($80)
HOT TOYS:  Predator (1st movie ver.) ($120)
HOT TOYS:  Robert Downey Jr, as Iron Man, Mark I ($100)
HOT TOYS:  ED-209 (non-battle damaged) from Robocop ($240)
HOT TOYS:  Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton (non-battle damaged) ($130)

arth Maul figure ($85)

SIDESHOW:  Leia from ANH ($30)
SIDESHOW:  Obi Wan Kenobi from ANH ($45)
SIDESHOW:  Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 ($30)

BBI:  "Shi" female body ($25)

ENTERBAY:  Bruce Lee from Chinese Connection ($175)
ENTERBAY:  Bruce Lee from Enter the Dragon ($150)
ENTERBAY:  Bruce Lee from Game of Death ($175)
ENTERBAY:  Bruce Lee bodies ($30 each)

HASBRO:  Star Wars 12" scale Yoda ($20)
HASBRO:  GI JOE Home for the Holidays uniform, hat and shoes ($10)

MINICHAMPS:  1:6 scale Honda CB750 ($175)
BARBIE/ARCO:  Action scooter R/C (Honda Elite) ($2)

Black metal display stands (like the ones in my pictures) ($2)

SATURDAY TOYS:  Men's dress suits ($20)
HOW2WORK:  Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface (white, black, or blue version) ($70)
AZONE:  men blue lycra superhero bodysuit ($10)

NEWRAY:  1/6 scale Motorcycles (CBR929, etc.) ($15)

BBI: Perfect Body Females ($14)
BBI:  CyGirl bodies (loose)  ($13)

SIDESHOW TOY:  Nude bodies ($10)

TOY SOLDIER:  Nude bodies ($10)

DRAGON:  Neo bodies (headless is fine) ($5 each)
DRAGON:  Bendy hands ($4 / pair)
DRAGON:  Black dress shoes ($4 / pair)
DRAGON:  Bendy gloved hands, any kind/color ($4 / pair)
DRAGON:  White or black dress shirts ($3)
DRAGON:  Blue jeans ($3)
DRAGON:  Black canvas/leather combat boots w/ real laces ($4 / pair)
DRAGON:  Any black leather dress belt ($1.50)
DRAGON:  Any wristwatch ($1)

21st CENTURY:  OD Jump Jacket from 101st Airborne carded set ($5)
21st CENTURY:  Black dress shoes and socks ($4)
21st CENTURY:  Villains, Mini Gun Set ($7)

SOTW:  Black dress shoes (like the ones from WWII 2nd Lt - 8th Inf. Div. carded set)

MATTEL:  Tuxedo from Barbie:  50th Anniversary I Love Lucy and Ricky set ($20)
MATTEL:  Barbie Loves Frankie (Frank's outfit:  jacket, vest, shirt, pants) ($
MATTEL:  Leather jacket from Harley Davidson Ken #1 (#2 has vest) ($35)
MATTEL:  Elvis - The Army Years ($15)
MATTEL:  NBA Super Stars 13" figures (Tim, Kobe, Grant or Scottie) ($8 each)

JAKKS PACIFIC:  WWF Ringside Rebels (SCSAustin, tRock, HHH, Undtkr, etc.) ($12 each)
JAKKS PACIFIC:  WWF Ringside Rebels Stone Cold Steve Austin head ($3)
JAKKS PACIFIC:  WWF Ringside Rebels Triple H head ($3)
JAKKS PACIFIC:  WWF Ringside Rebels Undertaker jeans ($3)

1/6 scale "Claymore" metal sword / letter opener ($3)
1/6 scale "Barbarian" metal sword / letter opener ($3)