Carrie-Anne Moss as "TRINITY"
in THE MATRIX, 1999

Well, more thanks are in order to
Gentle Giant for releasing another
bust with an amazing likeness.

Having done custom Neo and
Agent Smith figures, I couldn't
not do a Trinity figure...

This head, then, is also
a repainted, recast
made from the
Gentle giant
What's nice about the GG bust,
besides the dead-on, laser-scanned
likeness, is that there is full detail
underneath the sunglasses.  
Sometimes a company'll mold the
glasses right onto the head (yuck).
Not so here.  This is better
because now Trinity can be
posed with or without her
signature glasses and the
beauty and accurateness of
the headsculpt can be seen
and appreciated.
The clothes were
taken from a
NToys Trinity
figure, retailored a
bit, and
reassembled onto
a Sideshow female
body (I believe this
used to an Honor
Blackman figure).
The boots were attached to the
Sideshow body I'd used, and I merely
extended them into the taller style seen
in the movie.
Although I do enjoy sculpting custom
heads (as I'd done with Arnold in T2,
Marty McFly, and Gladiator v.2), I don't
see the point in re-inventing the wheel.  
So as long as Gentle Giant keeps
producing mini-busts of characters I like,
I'll always have a shortcut to a great,
one-of-a-kind custom!