Arnold Schwarzenegger as THE TERMINATOR (1984)

One of the greatest action / science fiction films of all
time in my humble opinion.  In fact, the film was selected
for preservation in the United States National Film
Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally,
historically, or aesthetically significant".  Also one of the
greatest movie villains of all time, I think.

This figure is built on a Sideshow Toys body for it's
height.  Arnold is approximately 6'2" and the SS body
does stand a bit taller than other 1:6 scale figure
bodies, although the stature is otherwise skinny and
lanky.  I added bulk all over the body to account for
Arnold's build at the time (just a few years removed
from his days dominating the Mr. Olympia
Many of the parts
for this figure
come from the
Hot Toys version
of this figure,
which quite
was produced
without licensing
Arnold's likeness.
The non-descript
head they used
made this figure
ripe for a
And so, with a
little polymer clay
and some acrylic
paints, I sculpted
a new head for
this figure.  I
decided to
feature the
character as he
towards the
beginning of the
I found a 1:6
scale hooded
coat at a shop in
Japan, which I
modified --
removing the
hood and adding
epaulettes -- to
resemble the real
The collar was trimmed out with
a similar black material, and I
then added the leather patches
-- carefully studded out with pin
heads -- to the back and elbow
of the coat.  I cannot count the
number of times I had to pause /
frame advance my DVD to get a
an accurate layout and count of
the studs configuration.
For the
gloves, I
again found
scenes on
the DVD,
and created
them by
the flexible
clay directly
onto the SS
hands.  I
boiled them
instead of
The most difficult
part of this figure
was finding a chain
that resembled the
one from the film in
1:6 scale...
It's still not perfect,
but looks better than
all the other
varieties I'd found
for the chain at his
The weapons are the original ones from the
Hot Toys figure, as are the boots.  But I
didn't think the boot-sculpt was very
realistic, particularly where the leather
meets the sole, and so I took some
sandpaper and picks, and added some
more contouring and weathering to the HT
boots to achieve the look I wanted.  The
pants are exactly how HT released them; I
didn't think they needed modification.
The coat's
fabric was
black, and
so I dyed
the entire
coat in a
grey bath of
paints to
achieve the
look from
the film.
Although these pictures don't reveal much,
I found a couple of great pictures of the
punk tank top worn by Arnold under the
great coat, and I simulated the markings on
them in 1:6 scale using acrylic paint and

Next up, I will be making the next version of
Arnold from the Terminator -- in the leather
jacket, with spiked hair and Gargoyle
sunglasses, complete with a built up CB750
Honda motorcycle Tamiya model kit!