The figure's outfit is not
extremely faithful to the one in
the movie, but it's not that far
off either.  I'd never seen the
movie before I was
commissioned to do this
headsulpt, wasn't really a fan
of this film or the character, so
I didn't feel the need to
slavishly replicate it in all it's
Still, I do like
Sonny Chiba, so
to make up for
it, I added some
more detail to
the headsculpt
in the way of
craft hair, to
give some
added texture
and realism.

I'm glad I finally
finished this
figure as the
end result is
nevertheless a
nice addition to
my personal
I picked up the 1:6 katana (mononofu) to complete the figure.  It's made from diecast metal, has a nice
detailed look to it, and goes well with the outfit from Samurai Collectibes, which features wooden sandals,
the special toe-socks (I don't know what you call them!) he's wearing, and really nice tailoring.

Feels good to not just have a headsculpt sitting around reminding me of the jerk who refused to pay, but
rather a nice completed Samurai figure on my shelf to go with all the other movie heroes and characters I've
done.  So there's something to be said about finishing what you start I guess.

Lesson learned, and on to the next figure!

A few years ago, someone asked if I would create a headsculpt of this movie
character for him.  When the headsculpt was completed, the individual who
commissioned my work insisted that I send it to him FIRST for inspection, after
which, if he was pleased, he would pay the agreed sum.  Well, needless to say, I
discovered the hard way why most artists take at least half up front.
So the headsculpt was put aside, and the figure sat uncompleted for quite
some time as the experience left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Still, I rather liked the headsculpt, and decided to purchase an outfit from
Samurai Collectibles so I could go ahead and finish off this figure.