As nice as the How2work clothes were
tailored, I had to re-tailor them a bit to
make them fit the smaller Medicom
body.  Mostly, I had to shorten the
length of the legs, and tighten the
overall fit, as it originally came too
baggy in the thighs.  I chose the white
suit version (of How2work's three
versions) as it reminded me most
of the image made famous in the
movie poster.  In the film, the
photo was actually a black suit,
but it was "negativized" for the poster.
Al Pacino as "Tony Montana" in SCARFACE (1983)

How2work, a company in Hong Kong, produced a
series of 1:6 scale Scarface figures which feature
some pretty nicely tailored outfits and accessories.  
So that's where I started in building this figure.  
The main downside to these figures were
the likenesses and the exposed neck joint.  
Sideshow toys also produced a Scarface
figure, complete with voice chip, but the
tailoring, likeness and scale were all just a
little bit off.  Pacino is known to be a shorter
than average actor, and so Sideshow's scale
just seemed way too tall to me.  I built this figure
on the more accurately sized Medicom RAH
base body, as I like the figure's detailed hands
as well.
Obviously, the character of Tony Montana is more of an
anti-hero than hero, and so the pose captured in the
movie poster -- solemn, with his head angled down -- was
ideal in expressing this character's flawed, dark side.  
For this figure, as I've come to do lately, I sculpted the
neck along with the head and made sure I had that same
I lose neck articulation, but
with the custom fur/hair job I
was going to do, I wasn't
planning on playing with him
much.  He'll be put in a glass
display case with all my other
figures anyway...
I had experimented with the plasticky craft fur in the
past for 1:6 scale hair and wasn't completely
pleased with the results.  This time around,
I used rabbit fur, which has a
much finer, and more
realistic texture.  His
hair style is assembled
bit by bit on the scalp
          and then styled
                       with gel.
The above picture inspired
the poster clearly but at this
point, in the collective
consciousness, I think the
dark suit doesn't look as
"right" as the light one
in the movie poster.
I won't go into too
much detail as to
how I made the
pile of money.  
Suffice to say, if
you have an inkjet
printer, paper,
elmer's glue, and
an internet
connection to find
the original image,
you'll be fine.
I saw Mezco's "The World Is Yours"
statuette at a toy show, went home,
paused the DVD to ascertain if it was in
sixth scale, and went back and bought
it.  It's featured in the film in front of his
old house, and in the fountain of his
new one.
Luckily, How2work's figure came with two weapons: his
pistol and, thankfully, his famous "little friend" that we're
all supposed to say "hello" to...

It was fun working on such a "bad ass" of a character...
kinda got me in the mood to try my hand at a Marlon
Brando Godfather now...
I went and bought $30 worth of costume
jewelry just to get the super-tight gold chains
samples that I could use for his necklaces.  
There are cheaper chains out there, but
they're all just a little too big for 1:6 scale...
Oh well...