Sam Raimi as Spiderman from "SPIDER-MAN" (2002)

My apologies to Tobey Maguire, but it was suggested by a friend that I make a Sam Raimi custom figure
using the Spider-man outfit.  I had already made a Steven Spielberg, and was working on a James
Cameron, when I realized that a Sam Raimi figure would in fact be a nice addition to my film directors
series.  So I took a Dragon Neo body, padded it up a bit (but not too much), and modified a Toy Biz
Spider-man outfit to go with the custom headsculpt.  The worst thing about the outfit was the very clumsy
velcro closures in the back, so I removed them and hand-stitched up the suit onto the figure body.

There weren't as many great reference photos of Sam Raimi available on the internet (well, not as many
as actor celebrities to be sure), but I
found a few nice ones (seen here)
that got me going in the right direction.
BELOW:  Sam Raimi is
photographed with
"The Grudge" director
Takashi Shimizu, a 1:6
scale figure enthusiast,
and also the friend
mentioned above who
encouraged me to
make this figure of
Sam Raimi.  It is our
plot to get Sam Raimi
himself interested in
the world of 1:6 scale
figures.  Maybe this fig
will do the trick...!