I watched the first RUSH HOUR again, after I completed this figure, and realized this doll is a little to stout as Tucker is much skinnier in real life.

I used the 21st Century Firefighter body, who just happened to be a little taller than your average 1:6 action figure, so he goes well with my Jackie figure, for which I used the short Neo Adam by Dragon.

I even used the head from the 21C as a base for modifications.  The only thing that remains from that original head sculpt is the ears.

Jackie's head, on the other hand, was completely from scratch.
My friends get a kick out of seeing a Chris Tucker figure.  One expects Jackie to have at least a few figures of him out there, and he does ("Dragon Lord" and "My Story").  But Chris Tucker's not exactly your first choice for making into a doll.  Maybe that's part of the appeal. 

Still, they look good together and always manage to bring a chuckle when friends come over and see the dynamic duo.
For those of you wondering, Chris's gun is the one from many of the SOTW dolls (painted silver) because the Dragon guns are all too small.

His tie and shirt are Dragon, although the tie has a wrong pattern.  His suit is completely hand-stitched.  A real pain so I bought a sewing machine after that ($40 bucks at a flea market).  Jackie's suit and shirt are from D's Michael Chan figure, dyed black.
The FBI badge and his belt are custom crafted from styrene, plastic electrical tape, a paper clip, Super Sculpey, aluminum foil, and/or paint.

I think I'll never hand stitch a custom suit again!  This is one instance that it really pays off to find a high-quality premade suit.  Many of Mattel's Ken dolls deluxe figures have decent outfits, but they're too small to fit on the 21st C body (the one I used for Chris).
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There are of course a few pre-existing Jackie Chan action figures.  These run the gamut from really bad likenesses, to only somewhat decent.  The better ones include the "Dragon Lord" figure and the "My Story Figure".

Neither of these figures, however, had much detail, although it did catch the essence of his face's bone structure at a time before Jackie's face had as many character lines.

I like his current, more mature face, with all its laugh lines, better.
I made prototypes for the steering wheel in brass, brass tubing, and plastic.  The one pictured above was crafted from brass tubing then soldered into a circle.

The pool cues are made of real wood!
With Jackie done and RUSH HOUR 2 about to hit theaters, I decided to do a Chris Tucker figure as well.
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There aren't as many pictures of Chris Tucker out there on the net as there are of Jackie, but I managed to find a few good ones.
I've surfed the net looking for photos of custom
heads by other sculptors and what I've found
has run the gamut from really bad to really
good.  There are some really amazing artists
out there, many of whom thankfully detail
their techniques and processes. 

One of the more important things to
consider when doing a headsculpt,
is the abundance of reference
photos of the subject from
different angles.  This is the
only way to achieve an accurate

One of the things I still need to do is develop a better way to do toothy smiles.  Jackie's teeth look more like they belong to Yoda.  Very gappy.

Also, I think his ears are a little too small.  On the other hand, his nose might be a little too big, but Jackie's known as having a big nose, so this exaggerated proportion hopefully just contributes to the likeness.
Jackie Chan as "DET. INSP. LEE" and Chris Tucker as 'JAMES CARTER, L.A.P.D." in RUSH HOUR, 1998

Jackie's head was one of my first attempts at sculpting heads for 1:6 scale figures.

Not bad for a first attempt I think, but what you see here is after I've gone back onto it a couple of times to smooth out imperfections.  It's still rough in spots, but I've since learned some better techniques for sculpting from the websites of some other really talented customizers, so hopefully my work as a whole will improve.