Every now and then, when I'm updating my site, I'll browse some of my earlier
pages.  The one figure that has always bothered me was my first Indiana Jones
custom.  The sculpt was too big/fat, the hat was a modified cowboy hat, the shirt
was wrong, the jacket was wrong, the pants were wrong, the holster was wrong,
the shoes were wrong... there wasn't really much "right" about the figure, and
the gap between my standards/skills and what they were at when I created that
figure became more and more obvious.  It was time to take another stab at
customizing good ol' Indiana Jones.
The technique that I used to make
the hat I developed trying to
figure out how to make the fedora
for my Green Hornet custom.  I
sculpted another, with a wider
brim and higher crown for Indy,
molded it, and then cast this new
one.  I sprayed felt texture on it,
stained and weathered it, and
then added the brown band/trim.  
What's best is, it's still completely
soft and flexible, like a real fedora.
The pants have real pockets, and
feature the same flaps over the
back pockets as the actual pair
Harrison Ford wore in the film.  
The whip is also genuine leather,
and even at 1/6 scale, features
the braided texture of a real whip.
The green gas mask
bag that he wears over
his shoulder and under
his jacket has real
leather straps, and
matches the one in the
film as well.  His belts
are accurate, both the
one which holds his
pants up, as well as the
one which keeps his
holster (also real
I spent a great deal of time on this headsculpt
(my fourth attempt at Harrison Ford, after version
1, Deckard, and Han Solo) and although I think
it's good (probably my best Harrison Ford
sculpt), there's still something not exactly right
still.  I'm happier with my Keanu/Neo sculpt, as
well as both T2 sculpts at this point.
Still, all in all, I'm very
pleased with how Indy
turned out.  Making sure
the clothes were
completely accurate, as
well as the scale of the
headsculpt, helped
create a far superior
custom figure than my
first attempt.  I think I'll
leave my first attempt
page up so that you can
compare.  Personally
(and maybe for you), I
am inspired by the
improvement in skill to
keep getting better.
Keeping this new figure with my
custom Henry Jones Sr creates a
really nice duo display.  It also
really makes me want to get to my
Marion Ravenwood custom and my
Short Round custom.

I think also I'll build a display case
to house these four figures, the
accessories I got from Daryl
Williams (1/6 diary and
accessories), and the German
motorcycle sidecar...
The leather jacket is exactly that--real
leather!  I scuffed and weathered it by using
a dry brush enamel with some oil-based
paints.  The jacket is fully lined, complete
with the film-accurate metal rings at the
sides under the arms.  The zipper is out of
scale (as they always are on action figures),
but rather than remove it (as I had done on
my T2 Arnie custom), I liked having the
option of being able to keep the bottom of
the jacket zipped up.
The shirt is also completely film-accurate,
complete with the special pleats that run
down the front of either side, through the
shirt pockets.  At the collar, there's even a
working buttonhole.