Actually, my primary focus on this was achieving a good likeness of Harrison Ford. 

The Star Wars figures in this scale don't have a really good likeness of Ford.  Neither do the old Kenner Indy dolls.  I've even seen the custom "Android Hunter" and they're not bad, but they're not too good either.

I suppose the best likeness out there is the Toys McCoy Indiana Jones figure which sell for about $800 on eBay every now and then.  It's a really good likeness, but it's features are a little soft.  Harrison Ford in the film is a little more rugged.
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You could form it out of latex so it would be sure to fit the head, but then again the texture wouldn't be right.

Then I read that some customizers found a tiny fedora at Michael's Arts and Crafts stores.  I went, but only found a tiny black cowboy hat.  Still, it would have to do.

The dimples on a cowboy hat don't match the ones on a fedora, plus the brim is too big.  To reshape the hat, as well as the brim, which bends the wrong way on a cowboy hat, I rubberbanded the hat, wet with water, to the outside of a glass of water, then microwaved it for eight seconds.  The heat softened the plastic enough for me to pop out the wrong dimples and put in the right ones.  Sort of.  It's almost right, but still needs the band around it in a couple of the pictures, which I'd taken before the figure was finished.
Another cut corner is the shoes.  Indy's shoes have a seam that runs around the top of the shoe.  These don't.  but, like the shoes he wore in Raiders, these are also high-top boots up to the ankle.

the hardest part, as I would imagine most customizers have discovered, is the fedora.
You could make his hat out of putty, then bake and paint it, but if you don't get the fit just right, it could scratch the paintjob on your head, and crack itself.  Also, the texture wouldn't be right.
I spent a lot of time on this sculpt trying to get it right, but unfortunately, all that time was spent before learning some of the tricks I've learned surfing the sites of other customizers.  I think I've got an okay eye for achieving likenesses, but most of the time, it's my limited technical proficiency that results in flawed head-sculpts.

I think the heads I do in the future will be much better, but in the end, this one came out a little "chubby".
As toy companies begin making better bodies for female figures (let's face it, Barbie's proportions, not to mention her feet and hands, are not at all realistic), I might eventually find a good body so that I can make a good Marion Ravenwood to go along with Indy (as in the photo above).

It seems every customizer (and his dog) has rendered a version of good ol' Indiana Jones.  Here's mine.

The leather jacket Indy wears in the film, doesn't have stretch cuffs on the sleeves or the bottom of the jacket.  But he does have those pouch-like pockets.  The other jackets on the market have other bells and whistles that Indy's jacket didn't, and often at the expense of the pockets.  In the end, this was the closest, so I used it even though it's a little too baggy (and also because my skills at the sewing machine aren't close to what they'd need to be to make a custom better-fitting jacket!).
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