This figure came along very
nicely due mostly to the
excellent base figure from Hot
Toys.  Actually, I'm not a big
fan of HT head sculpts (their
Tom Cruise and Keanu
Reeve Matrix ones ares
pretty poor I think), but the
clothes and accessories for
each are quite nice.

In fact, since I also received a
Keanu Reeve Hot Toys Matrix
in that same trade deal, I
think my next project will be to
work up a nice Keanu Reeve
headsculpt for a custom NEO.

Stay tuned!

Since I had already sculpted a Tom Cruise head for my Top Gun
Maverick figure, and as it just so happened that I had just received
a Hot Toys Mission: Impossible 2 Tom Cruise figure in a trade, I
knew that customizing an Ethan Hunt from this movie wouldn't be
too monumental a task at all.
As far as the movie itself goes, I thought John Woo put together some really
slick action scenes, Tom Cruise did a nice job handling a lot of the stunts
himself, but the script could have been better, especially with how Thandi's
character was marginalized through the third act.  But, that's neither here
nor there.

To create this figure, I modified a duplicate cast of my Maverick head to
account for the fact that nearly fifteen years had passed since Tom
Cruise starred in Top Gun.  I hollowed out the cheeks, added some
wrinkles here and there, and dremeled out the base of the hair to
allow for a longer hairstyle, which I would glue on.  I learned one
thing though:  getting the hairstyle to look right using craft fur is
the real mission: impossible!  In the end, maybe a B+.
I switched out the Hot Toys body with a Dragon, to account
for Tom's stature (the HT body had legs that were way too
long.  Also, the hands suffered from poor detail.).  The
jacket now fits a little too loosely, but it's barely
noticeable.  The original clothes from the
HT figure were actually pretty nice for the
most part.  I didn't even have to
modify any of it.  I did however
wish the leatherlike jacket
was lined on the inside.  In
a couple of the shots, you
can see the inner seams
and stray fabric but you
have to look hard.  Still,
the holster and the belt
were very nicely crafted.
If you've seen this flick, then you know the best
action scene involves Tom on a Triumph sport
bike.  Unfortunately, I could not find
any 1:6 scale Triumph sport bikes,
so I had to settle for a yellow
Ducati 999.  I was going to get
one of those Honda Erion CBR
929's, but I remembered Tom
saying in an interview that he
preferred Ducati's and that Nicole
Kidman had bought him one on his
birthday or something.  I don't know
what color his is, but I thought the
bright yellow would help this
figure, dressed in all
black, stand out a bit
in these pictures.