Stephen Chow as Sing from "KUNG FU HUSTLE" (2004)

Back in September of this year, I was invited
to attend Louie Tran's 1:6 action figure
show at the Santa Clara convention
center.  It was a great show, lot's of
vendors and many of the best
customizers this side of the
Pacific ocean came together,
each bringing the very best
of their customs for display.  
Even better, Louie made
arrangements for each of us
(himself included) to conduct
brief tutorials on various
aspects of customizing
one-sixth scale figures,
including painting faces,
building dioramas, and
(for this Stephen Chow
figure) rooting hair...!
The strands of hair
were rooted by hand,
using a tool which I
crafted from instructions
Louie gave at his show.  
If you're getting into
customizing and want to
learn more techniques
so that you can build
whatever figures you
can dream of, you really
ought to try to make
next year's show.
Keep up to date with
info about when next
year's American
Custom Figure
Symposium will be at
Louie's site:
As a fan of Stephen Chow's movies, I had first considered
making a custom figure of him after Shaolin Soccer,
because of the unique costume/soccer uniforms in that
film.  But, not a big fan of sewing outfits from scratch, and
really enjoying Kung Fu Hustle as well, I realized a good
custom Chow figure was only a great headsculpt away.
I purchased the outfit off ebay from a seller in Hong Kong,
and, for the most part, it's okay.  But the collar's a bit tight,
and the pants would look better just a little bit baggier.  The
lollipop is a customized version of a toy from Japan (out of
the miniature food series), and the kung fu manual was
photoshopped together from stills from the film.
The shoes are custom made
by me as well, cast in white
resin for the soles and black
urethane for the rest.
The shoes are custom made
by me as well, cast in white
resin for the soles and black
urethane for the rest.
Using reference photos from the internet,
I decided to sculpt
him bald, as I
decided to try
my hand at
rooting hair,
as opposed
to sculpting
his hairdo as
a part of his
Technically, since Stephen
directs himself in his films,
this figure is a
nice addition
to my series
of custom
figures of
famous film
directors as
I'm pleased with how this
first foray into hair rooting
came out, and so now I'll
move onto a figure I've
been wanting to do for
quite awhile:  Mel Gibson
as William Wallace from