Making the leather bag
had me stumped for
awhile.  I couldn't find one
just like the one in the
movie, realized I'd have to
make one myself, but
couldn't decide if I should
make it out of pleather
fabric, or if I should make
it out of something more
rigid like cardboard.

In case you're wondering, I
ended up weathering an
empty paper clip box and
just painted the cardboard
I hope nobody minds, but I took the liberty of adding a
gold watch and fob chain to his vest.  This is not seen
in the movie, but it's existence is suggested in at least
a few scenes in which Sean Connery pulls out a
watch to check the time.  (Remember this scene?  
Indy:  Dad!  Eleven o'clock!  Henry (pulls out watch):  
What happens at eleven o'clock?  Indy (showing
where enemy planes are coming in):  Twelve, eleven,
ten... eleven o'clock!)
I also bought 21st
Century's WWII
gray German
motorcycle and
sidecar for Henry
and Indy.  I'm
waiting to take
pics of them with
it until the new
and improved
Indiana Jones is
Don't ask me how, but somehow, I
managed to forget to pose Henry here
with the sixth scale grail diary and
accessories I have.  I guess I'll shoot
the accessories when I shoot Indy and
dad with the motorcycle and sidecar.

With Indy's dad done now, I'm more
eager than ever to tackle a sixth scale
Short Round and Marion Ravenwood to
go alone with them.  Then I'll have a
supporting character to go with Indy
from each of the three films!
That's a Sideshow body he's built on.  I like these bodies for their height (which scaled is ideal for
characters/actors over six feet tall in real life) as well as for their realistic hands.  If only they were
that realistic and interchangeable for poseable...

I started this figure three years and only got around to finishing him now.  That's the way it is with
customizing...  I've currently got at least ten different figures that I'm working on from my "Farther up
the pipeline" list, each one in a different state of being finished.

I like to pepper a few quick kitbashes in the mix so that I continue to complete a figure every couple
of months.  But it's also fun to tackle very involved and fully custom works like Gladiator every now
and then for the challenge.

Henry Jones Sr started out as a quick figure, but ended up taking a lot longer and more time than
I'd thought.  And even then, the figure looks a little simpler than I liked so I added the vest chain,
even though the picture at the right clearly shows he didn't have one (at least not a bright gold one

Oh well, I've always tackled these projects as works of art, so what's a little artistic license every
now and then?  :)
Sean Connery as "Professor Henry Jones, Sr."

Very early in my customizing career, as I was
finishing up my Indiana Jones custom (which I
will be redoing to bring up to my evolving
standards) I found pictures here and there of
other customizers' Sean Connery Henry Jones Sr

One of them even explained where he got each
and every item needed to make a custom Henry
Jones.  The suit, for example, was taken from a
Henry Higgins My Fair Lady Ken doll made
several years ago.  So thanks to the many
customizers who share their insights and
knowledge, I was encouraged to undertake this
figure and inspired to recipricate for future

If you've customized an Indy, it's nearly impossible
to resist the urge to whip up his dad in sixth scale
as well.  So with the tips gleaned from the net, I
hopped onto eBay and won an auction for a loose
Ken as Henry Higgins doll.
As it turns out, however, the color was too light, the buttons all wrong,
the vest had lapels, and the overall fit was too tight.  I had no choice
but to roll up my sleeves, disassemble the entire outfit, dye it to a
darker shade of brown, reassemble it to match the film costume (like
changing out buttons and removing the vest lapels), rework the
pattern to allow for stockier legs, give the shirt the appearance
of being a real button-down shirt, as well as to add
additional stitching and trim for a cleaner overall
appearance (like on the coat lapels).
Getting an umbrella for this figure also took some time.  I shopped eBay for
months for a miniature black umbrella (preferably one that works) but I never did
come across one in the right scale.  I checked all the local doll and miniature
shops in Los Angeles, but still couldn't come across a good one.

Eventually, I gave up on finding a real working miniature, metal and fabric umbrella
and just fashioned my own from a bamboo shish kabob skewer and some fabric.  
The handle was made from Sculpey, then stained and gloss-coated.  As easy as
sculpey is to work with, I usually prefer developing methods that allow for easier
duplication, but in this case the shape of the handle is so rudimentary, it wouldn't
be very difficult to make from scratch each time.

The hand-stitched hat took awhile as well.  I combed several fabric stores looking
for that pattern in sixth scale and the closest I came was in light grey and dark
green.  A couple of baths in dark brown dye, and the color was much better.  
Luckily the original printed pattern was still visible after being dyed.
The shoes are DML
boots, and the
glasses are
completely custom
made from brass
paperclips and clear
plastic.  A little epoxy
behind the ears hold
them in place.