Peter Mayhew as "CHEWBACCA" in STAR WARS
THE SITH (2005)

I've been wanting to do a Chewbacca for a long time,
but just couldn't find the right kind of fur.  I'd seen
some different types of craft fur, even some yak hair,
but none of it looked right in 1:6 scale.

Then one day, in downtown L.A., I passed a fabric
shop that was selling some faux fur, and saw one
that looked nearly perfect.  It even clumped together
like real fur does.  I bought a yard's worth, took it
home and got started.

I started with the Hasbro plastic-body Chewbacca,
sectioned the arms, legs and torso to extend the
figure an extra inch and three-quarters.  Figuring the
fur would add too much girth to the arms, legs, and
torso, I dremeled all three much thinner beforehand.
I did not use the
rubber Hasbro head
as a base because I
did not feel the mouth,
though nicely opened,
was adequately
detailed (not enough
Instead, I used a
lollipop case that I
had found at my
local Toys'R'Us that
was very much in
scale, and modified
it for this figure.  If
you keep your eyes
peeled, you never
know what 1:6 scale
items you'll find!
For Chewbacca's
hairstyle, I did not opt for
the slicked back look he
had in Star Wars, but the
shaggier look he had in
ROJ (above).
One of the worst things
about the Hasbro figure,
was the poorly detailed,
out-of-scale bowcaster
that he came with.  I
bought a 1:7 scale
Kotobukiya Chewbacca
figure just for the
bowcaster and
bandolier/pouch.  I
know, I know, I 'm crazy.  
(But doesn't it look
much, much better?)
Above:  This is that slicked
back look in Star Wars I didn't
Right:  Hey, wookiees
need love too.
Left:  Man, that
Chewie's got one big
Above & right:  I've been working on a
second version of Han Solo, featuring a recast
of the Gentle Giant mini-bust.  I've also been
reworking his holster for better detail.