Harrison Ford as "Rick Deckard"
in BLADE RUNNER (1982)

Blade Runner is already regarded as
an all-time classic in the sci-fi/noir
genre, yet imagine how much better it
would have been had there been less
studio interference -- no corny
voice-over narration, better editing,
and most important, the original
ending:  when Rick Deckard discovers
that he himself is a replicant!  How
cool that would have been...

Oh well.

As far as the figure goes, I picked up
one of the Android Hunter figures at a
toy show in Burbank, plucked the
head off and decided to sculpt my
own version.
I've received some mixed reviews for
my Harrison Ford heads, and I
suspect this sculpt will be no
different.  I started by duplicating my
Indiana Jones head, dremeling off
the hair for a resculpt, then decided I
wanted to redo most of the facial
features as well.  In the end, only the
ears and the forehead remain from
the original.
I think overall, I'm only about 75%
happy with this headsculpt.  The two
main problems are the scale (still a little
too big) and of course the overall
likeness.  The first problem can be
addressed by remounting on a (taller)
Sideshow body.   But to correct  the
second problem, I'm going to have to
start from scratch.  Oh well.  I've been
wanting to do a much better version of
Indy anyways...