Kurt Russell as "STEVEN 'BULL' McCAFFREY"
in BACKDRAFT, 1991

Hot Toys put out these awesome fire-fighter figures
a few years ago.  I believe this set came from the
African American fireman.  The uniform and
accesseories, especially with respect to their
level of detail blew me away when I laid eyes
on it.  I was excited to know that a great Kurt
Russell Backdraft figure was essentially just a
headsculpt away...
I realize that this
uniform and its
accessories don't
match exactly the
ones from the
film, but after
looking at many
reference photos,
I think the figure's
props are better
I had also
intended on
putting his
nickname on
the back
(Bull), but I
think it would
have visually
detracted from
the great
detail of the
air tank.
Kurt Russell's character didn't
smile too much in this movie,
and so I sculpted an expression
apropos to the film.  Yet, if I
could do it all over again, I might
sculpt him with a smile (mainly
so that I could recycle the head
for a Jack Burton!