Hugo Weaving as "AGENT SMITH" in THE MATRIX, 1999

So... I had one of the black suits from one of the Palisades Reservoir
Dogs figures just sitting around.  I knew I'd need it at some point so I
never traded it off.  Then one day, I got my hands on one of the Agent
Smith mini-busts made by Gentle Giant and I knew then that a custom
Agent Smith figure was not so far off in the distance.

The Gentle Giant bust was laser scanned so the proportions were quite
ideal, but I thought the expression was a little boring.  I made a duplicate
cast, dremeled off the lower half of his face
and sculpted an open-mouthed expression
more reminiscent of his looks in the film.
As far as customizing figures goes,
piggybacking off the excellent Gentle
Giant likenesses (as I did for Neo),
ensures that the overall proportions of
my customized sculpt are accurate.  It
also saves me the trouble, at the very
least, of sculpting ears (which I hate).  If
I had the shelf space, I'd collect more of
these great Gentle Giant busts
(although I've already got quite a few!)
To complete the
outfit, I added only
an aluminum tie
clip, and some
lace-less dress
shoes (which I
believe I had
leftover from a
Playing Mantis
Kato uniform).

The sunglasses
are borrowed from
the Gentle Giant
I also spent a little more
time on painting the face
this time around, adding
subtle tones for his stubble
and such.  All in all, a very
nice custom, thanks mostly
to the Gentle Giant bust.

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