Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How can I buy one of your figures?
A:  Obviously, I cannot mass produce these, so it is a rare occurrence when one of my figures are
available.  Occasionally, I will auction a prototype off on eBay.  (Click
HERE to see if there is
currently one on auction.)

Q:  Instead of checking eBay in the hopes that one of your figures is currently being auctioned, is
there a mailing list I may join, so that you will notify me whenever you do have an auction?
A:  Sure.  Contact me at and ask me to add you to this list.

Q:  I have been waiting for you to auction a particular figure, but I'm wondering if I may request a
particular figure from your website instead.
A:  It never hurts to ask!  I receive many such requests, so I can't promise I will get to it, but
certainly I would notice if several requests for a particular figure kept coming in!

Q:  How many of each figure do you make?
A:  For most of the figures featured on this website, the only one in existence is the prototype that
you see the pictures of.  Occasionally, I'll honor a request from a friend or fan to build them an
identical one, but I only do this when my hectic schedule permits.  (This is just one of my many

Q:  Do you take commissions?  I mean, I'd like you to do a figure of someone I know (a family
member) not a celebrity/movie character.
A:  The amount of time I invest in capturing a likeness at this scale usually makes this
cost-prohibitive.  The few times I quoted my asking price for such a service was not met with
enthusiasm, but at least was met with understanding.

Q:  What if all I really want is one of your headsculpts (and not the whole figure)?
A:  Sorry, but I do not sell my headsculpts individually.  I prefer my figures to end up in the hands of
an appreciative collector of figures, and not someone inclined to bootleg my headsculpts to sell
resin knock-offs on eBay or their own sites.  (Unfortunately, this has happened, and that's why I
won't sell just the heads.)

Q:  What about accessories?  What if I just wanted to buy, for instance, Gladiator's sword?
A:  Again, my figures are meant to be displayed in their entirety with the accessories I've selected
and/or designed by discriminating collectors.  It has in the past pained me to see my creations
featured as part of someone else's work, which also causes confusion among those who see
mine and others' works.

Q:  Why do you make your own figures when it's so much easier to simply buy them?
A:  Most, not all, but most of the figures out there are "toys".  Certainly nothing wrong with that, but
my fascination with a figure varies proportionally with how realistic it is.  How poseable it is.  And
how well equipped/accessorized it is.  The easiest (yes, easiest) way to acquire a figure that lives
up to my standards, is to build it for myself.

Q:  How long have you been making these custom figures?
A:  The Jackie Chan head sculpt was my first.  I did it back in June, 2001.  So, not very long really.

Q:  Are your figures kitbashes, or are they customs?
A:  I actually regard kitbashes as a subset of customs...  Of course, in creating my figures, I use
both techniques.  If I can find something "good enough", I'll use it.  If I can't, I won't settle.  I'll just
make my own.

Q:  What are your heads cast in?
A:  Durham's water putty.  Dries/cures to a rock hard consistency.  Like a rock, it can chip if
dropped onto, say, pavement.  But collectors understand my figures are "art", not "toys", and treat
them delicately.  Still, they're a lot more rugged than your average porcelain collectible.  Further,
the porous texture takes paint much better than the plastic-like surface of resins, and gives a more
realistic skin-like texture.  Plus, when you clear-coat it, it doesn't look like the head's been gooed
in ectoplasm like a lot of resin-sealed heads do.

Q:  Why don't you cast in resin?
A:  Good question.  I know most customizers prefer the durability of resin when creating their
figures.  That's better if you intend to play with it, especially outdoors.  My figures aren't subjected
to that treatment, just some light indoor play and posing.  But as far as resin goes, well, I don't like
resin.  It's expensive, the heat generated during curing damages my precious molds, smells
terrible usually, and it's known to the state of California to cause cancer (says so right on the
label...  I love this hobby, but it's not worth my health and/or life!)  Paranoid, you say?  Over
cautious?  Perhaps.  But keep in mind:  hundreds, if not thousands, of people are diagnosed with
cancer each and every day for supposedly "unknown" reasons...

Q:  Some of your headsculpts look familiar, like they're from another manufacturer...
A:  Although many of my headsculpts are completely from scratch (like Michael Jordan), I will
occasionally recycle parts (especially ears) from an existing, mass-produced headsculpt.  Also, if
a company has produced a head similar in bone-structure to one I'm working on, I might start from
a cast of that head for my version.  Although this saves time (and insures I'm working at the proper
scale) there's usually very little, if anything, left over from the original sculpt!

Q:  What bodies do you use?  And do you ever modify them?
A:  I'm usually able to find bodies that suit the needs of the particular figure I'm doing from among
the many offered by the various companies producing figures.  I generally prefer the size,
physique and posability of Dragon's Neo-Adam (it's a realistic scale:  average 5'10" or so).  I'll
occasionally use 21st Century's Super-Soldier bodies, especially for the taller AA bodies.  For
certain unusual types, like basketball players or former Mr. Olympias, I'll dip into the  wares offered
by Mattel, Jakks Pacific, etc.  BBI and others make great bodies too, but they usually don't offer
as many hand/glove options that Dragon does.  Lately, though, I've come to appreciate the scaled
height of the Sideshow bodies (for when I'm doing actors over 6').

Q:  Do you take trades?
A:  Yes!  I'm as much a collector/buyer of these things as I am a builder/seller!  Check out my
tradelist.  Maybe you've got something I want!  Oh, and don't forget, I'll also trade for that used (but
mint) DVD that you know you'll never watch again...!  If it's not on my list, offer anyway... maybe it's
one that slipped my mind!

Q:  How can I learn to do this?
A:  Forget about "learning"!  Just do it!  Surf the 'Net for info.  Lotsa customizers detail their
methods, techniques and tricks on their sites.  You could learn from them (I did).  Or you can just
jump in and "teach yourself".  I did this too!  Good luck and have fun!